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Synergy Difference
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Synergy Healthcare Solutions is a division of a well established technology service provider, Laser Logics, Inc. Leveraging the resources of Laser Logics, Inc. to add value to our product and service offerings while ensuring our clients continue to enjoy outstanding customer service as our company continues to grow.

Synergy Healthcare provides a unique select offering portfolio of highly skilled and experienced team leaders, consulting services, billing service, blended together with technology resources that enable us to help healthcare entities comply with ever changing mandates while reducing the impact of compliance. This affords providers to focus on what matters most, patient care. Synergy's goal is to develop long term relationships with our clients which means our team has to earn your trust though the quality of resources, tools and technology offerings that Synergy encompasses.

Laser Logics, Inc. is a woman-owned business, located in North Carolina, with over 20 years of technology service.  Our experience and collective resources uniquely empower us to bring healthcare technology solutions to healthcare entities and aid our clients in the complex navigation of the challenges the new healthcare era and regulatory mandates.  Laser Logics provides complete healthcare management solutions to optimize practice efficiency potential yet tailoring solutions to the uniqueness of each healthcare entity.

Our goal is to provide a portfolio of select healthcare solutions that compliment one another and bring these technology solutions to our healthcare providers that empowers each practice with the right blend of innovative healthcare technology to deliver the highest possible patient care while increasing the efficiency of the practice.

Our concept in working with our clients is timeless – honesty, integrity, and superior customer service. Our unique EHR “turn-key solution” sets the tone with our clients because we put everything on the table that encompasses crucial elements vital to the success of any EHR implementation in both ease of use and cost efficiency.  We do not subscribe to the belief of “nickel and dime someone to death”.  Each proposal offered encompasses a collective offering of: project management, networking, hardware, security, training on-site and webcast, customizations, business continuity planning, and after sale support.  A “turn-key” approach reduces confusion, yields adherence to important timelines, rendering positive outcomes for our clients with our EHR solutions.

Our commitment to value and integrity to healthcare entities and to the stakeholders of Laser Logics is a core philosophy.  Our team is committed to each other working together in unison to yield unparalleled results in highest quality outcomes and smoother transitioning for our clients.

Laser Logics is a licensed distributor of Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), a CCHIT 2011 full electronic health records application.  This Complete EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  As local full-service technology solutions companies, we are able to install, train, and maintain your fully integrated EMR solution.

Meet our consultants.

Diane Matthews, MHA

Ms. Diane Matthews specializes in effective and strategic design, planning, deployment, training, and maintenance of healthcare technology. Diane is passionate about connecting with people and organizations for value sharing and growth. She is always keen on attracting like minded individuals and healthcare practices to create, collaborate and develop ways to improve healthcare technology and efficiency.
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Dr. Timothy Dey, MD, BCC

Dr. Dey is a graduate of the Wayne State University School of Medicine, a board-certified executive coach, and adjunct professor in multiple fields. Dr. Dey is a speaker and educator making a unique combination of educational assets and life experiences available to people through his coaching, consulting, teaching, writing, and workshops.
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