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Testimonials Related to Financial Benefits From Using IMS & IPS Products
IMS (Intelligent Medical Software) is registered with CCHIT as both Meditab IMS and SuiteMed IMS

“I have worked with many practice management systems, and IMS, by far, is the best system I've used. I'm impressed with the ease of working the AR as well as doing claim corrections. I like the fact that I can do almost every thing I need to do in a patient's account through the "ledger."
Deborah Ruffner, CPC, Carolina Foot Care, Statesville, NC


“I was quite happy you were working on my billing issues, knowing you had worked on this made me much less stressed because I knew the check would be coming.”
Dr. D. Bettenhausen, DPM Fostoria Foot & Ankle , Fostoria, OH


I am a solo internist practicing in Maryland and my office started using IMS (Intelligent Medical Software) from SuiteMed in November, 2007. After initial investment of time and energy, my office has started to enjoy the fruits of our work. IMS has provided the structure and organization needed for efficient practice of internal medicine. It has streamlined my office operation from reception, to visit notes, to billing and collection. The charts are better organized and access to test reports is immediate. It has clearly reduced the labor needed for filing (the equivalent of a part-time position in my office). It gives me peace of mind knowing that I have completed most of my tasks at the end of each day. My patients seem more satisfied with the timely communication of test results and prompt refilling of their medications using the system. SuiteMed has provided wonderful technical support for the installation and maintenance of the system in my office.IMS has enabled me to improve the delivery of care and to run my office better.
Dr. Harry Li, Internal Medicine, Columbia, MD


We have a busy Internal Medicine practice and looked at many EMRs prior to choosing IMS. We found IMS to be one of the most, if not the most, comprehensive in terms of its breadth and depth of its functionality. Our entire practice runs off of IMS and it has allowed us to completely automate and convert to electronic format all of our office processes. In particular, our office has been impacted by the outstanding document management system/fax server, prescription handling and EMR. The document management system/fax server is excellent and have allowed us to convert all incoming correspondence, such as consults, reports and patient results, to electronic format and organize them in customizable categories. This has substantially improved our practices efficiency as our staff no longer needs to file piles of paper. At the same time all of these correspondences are easily available to all of our staff without having to pull a chart. The prescription functionality in IMS is also exceptional. The prescription templates and "Sigs" (directions) are fully customizable and allow for rapid prescription writing. We are able to print new and refill prescriptions on standard (free) prescription blanks as well as fax to any pharmacy. The prescription function in IMS has also greatly improved our offices efficiency as staff no longer spends time taking prescription refill requests over the phone. All requests come through our fax server and the staff simply faxes back a complete prescription with minimal effort and with proper documentation. IMS' EMR is one of the most comprehensive that we have found and provides for complete customization of visit notes. Along with its ability to change templates on "the fly" and various "Link with" capabilities IMS' EMR allows us to rapidly document visit notes, provide patient materials and follow-up, and generate proper billing charges. Overall I think that IMS is an excellent software package that has been getting better over the two years that we have been using it. It has allowed our office to significantly improve its efficiency and allowed us to properly document our patient encounters and follow-up. Keep up the good work!
Prashant N. Pandya, MD


I have been using EMR since 2003 but when I was really looking to go paperless I chose SuiteMed's software program, called IMS, because of the different feature they included to get a physician closer to that goal. Because I was familiar with EMR I knew exactly what I wanted and SuiteMed worked with me to customize the software with templates specific to pediatrics. One of my preferred features is the interface with the state immunization registry followed by the document management as a close second. I also like the different reports we can easily pull. The support staff is pretty attentive to our concerns and they continue to improve on all the different aspects of the software. If you really want to go paperless and be compliant with the different guidelines IMS is the one for you.
Dr. Regine Bataille, Boynton Beach, Florida


"Ease Inadequate Reimbursement Costs" » "My bad-debt write-offs have been reduced over 90%. Pre-SuiteMed , we had an average of $80,000 per month outstanding in charges waiting for referral. Since implementation of IMS we now regularly maintain no more than $400 per month."
Julie Ziehm, Billing Manager, Mid Michigan Cardiology Associates, Flint, MI


"Attain and Maintain Profitability" » "Our cash flow has increased by an average of 25% every month. Our A/R is easier to manage with the simple but powerful billing module in IMS which allows us to follow up, re-bill, and re-print claims with a click. Using IMS - we have been more successful than ever before."
Steven Gest, M.D., Owner, Emeryville Occupational Medical Center, Emeryville, CA


Testimonials on Business Process Improvement From using IMS & IPS Products
IMS (Intelligent Medical Software) is registered with CCHIT as both Meditab IMS and SuiteMed IMS

"Improve Stakeholder Satisfaction" » "The software more than paid for itself in the first two months since we started using IMS. We have been able to double the volume of business in our practice without adding additional staff since we started using IMS! The time from service to billing is also reduced for our practice so we are able to collect receipts from insurance companies at a faster rate."
Steven Gest, M.D., Owner, Emeryville Occupational Medical Center, Emeryville, CA


"Execute Better Business Models" » "The SuiteMed Intelligent Pharmacy System (IPS) has allowed us to grow from $600,000 per year to $15,000,000 per year effortlessly. Also, we are saving over $500,000 per year because of our IPS software."
Paragi Patel, Manager, Elmhurst Pharmacy, Oakland, CA


"Integrate New Ventures and Acquisitions Quickly and Effectively" » "After working with Walgreens for a number of years, I thought the transition to owning my own Pharmacy would be difficult. IPS actually made the transition very easy since its functionality is diverse, yet easy to use."
Lynn Ung, Pharmacist, Pacific Pharmacy,San Gabriel, CA


"Streamline Inefficient Business Processes" » "I am very pleased with IMS due to its flexibility and ease of use. There were also minimal disruptions during the transition from the old system to the new system"
Dr. Patricia Hopp, Emeryville Occupational Medical Center,Emeryville, CA


"Address Staff Turnover and Staff Shortages" » "You can fill 500 Rx's per day with one Pharmacist, one intern, one tech, two clerks and one ScriptPro."
Nagib Himed, Pharmacist, Dolphin Pharmacy, Oakland, CA


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