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Synergy Difference

Billing Services

Synergy Healthcare's Medical Billing Services combines the expertise of Synergy's seasoned team of medical billers and coders with our powerful electronic health records and practice management system for a trusted, affordable billing service that increases revenue and improves efficiency for your podiatry practice.

Reasons podiatrists like Synergy Healthcare's Billing Service:

Expertise of best practices related to podiatry procedural codes, including HCPCS and modifiers.
In-depth knowledge of payer rules, including medical necessity and NCCI rules.
Sophisticated, HIPAA compliant cloud-based medical billing system/electronic health record with advanced claim scrubbing capability (more than a million edits of current and historic coding and compliance data sets).
Ability to submit both UB04 and CMS-1500 claims.
ICD-10 compliant software and systems.
In-depth, real-time reports addressing podiatry insurance billing and insurance follow up.


Why Synergy Healthcare Billing Services?

Increase Profitability
Stellar Customer Service
Full & Secure Access to All Information

No one likes to work for free, and when claims go unpaid, that's what you are doing. Even a small percentage unpaid claims can amount to a lot of money. In most cases, the money you save by hiring Synergy Healthcare Billing Services and having us take charge of getting your claims paid will greatly exceed the fees paid to us.


We offer the perfect combination of outstanding customer service and a very high collection rate. We get your claims paid fast, and we are available to discuss any issues or answer any questions.



All of the information for your practice and all reports are available 24 x 7. All information is secure and fully HIPAA compliant, and we offer a range of methods for exchanging data.


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