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Health Reminders

Health Maintenance RemindersThe most versatile, user-friendly health maintenance reminder system in the market today, the IMS Health Maintenance Reminders help clinicians enhance patient care by assuring timely completion of appropriate tests, immunizations, exams, screenings, and education.

It is difficult for any provider to quickly determine which patients require completion of appropriate tests, immunizations, exams, screenings, and education.  With a paper chart, it is nearly impossible.

The IMS module presents clinicians with Health Reminders at the time of a patient encounter, or as a task in the staff's reminder list as they call patients requiring visits.  Customizable by each practice, Health Maintenance Reminders can be set using a combination of factors including procedures performed, patient's diagnosis, previous encounters within a certain timeframe, patient's medications, lab tests, diagnostic tests, specific patient medications, patient gender, and patient age.


Health Maintenance Reminders help staff complete appropriate tests, immunizations, exams, screenings, and education in a timely manner


When medical staff completes tests and documentation in a timely manner, patients feel that their provider cares


Provide through documentation of attempts to follow clinical guidelines


Patient's are reminded to follow-up for important visits which they may otherwise forget

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