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Synergy Difference

Operation Workflow

Is your front office staff multi-tasking too much - receiving calls, welcoming patients, filing forms, making phone reminders, and getting up for printouts and chart retrieval?

Do you wish you could manage your entire office's workflow from your seat - get a snapshot of where doctors are, what rooms are available, or how long patients have been waiting?

Are you looking for a quick report on the status of charges, claims, reconciliations, and collections?

Are you concerned that change will have a negative impact on workflow efficiency?

IMS can help.


You and your staff cannot afford downtime:

With that in mind, IMS provides thoroughly tested, easy to use products with regular enhancements. We also provide exceptional support long after product implementation so you are never alone searching for answers.


Your practice is unique:

Our goal is not to change the way you do things. We work with you and your team to understand the way your practice works and provide proven solutions that adhere to and enhance your workflow. Our hands-on approach to training, and proven implementation process ensure success.

Share, view, control and report on patient information across practices and locations with seamless integration and enterprise design:

IMS Practice Management tool integrates directly with the EHR platform and allows efficient access from anywhere for organized office management and administration control. Operational managers become satisfied with productivity levels and staff members become more productive and satisfied with manageable workloads.

IMS provides expertise and solutions that deliver operational efficiencies to:


Minimize error and liability risks associated with unnecessary manual data re-entry.


Allow staff to concentrate on priority tasks by automating time-consuming busy work.


Enable information availability and foster communications.


Reduce the gap between data collection and effective use in daily practice.


Create digital "to-do lists" that can be assigned to staff members with auto-reminders - no more sticky notes lining the computer monitor.


Manage documentation costs.


Ensure information accuracy.


Compensate for staff shortages and turnover.


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