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Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response services are available in two methods:  Automated, computer-generated calls, or via an IMS IVR
receptionist reminder. 

With the automated system office schedules are automatically transferred to the IMS server, which makes the calls.  Patients press “1” to confirm the appointment, “2” to cancel the appointment.  Patient responses are automatically visible on the IMS Scheduler or via IVR reports in your office.

Using IMS's receptionist reminder, office schedules are automatically transferred to the IMS server for an IMS receptionist to make a personalized call.  Patients then press “1” or “2” as above.  Responses are visible as above.

Your office chooses when and how often calls should take place.  There is also the option to record a personal message.


IVR allows your practice to:


Decrease the burden on your staff


Increase revenues by reducing missed appointments


Reduce liability by ensuring that all patients receive the regulation-required reminders

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